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when you invite a friend

For every friend or co-worker you invite you will receive a $25 discount off the class your attending! Friend must be registered, paid in full and attend class. The more you share, the bigger the discount! (Up to amount of class, you will still need to pay $10 for CE, because there must be a fee for CE)

 Reflexology for the LMT


September 9th 9:00am-6:00 pm
Map and divide the feet as well as learn
how to stimulate both the reflexes and the meridians and NOW even the Marma points!
Everything an LMT needs to know to complement any massage with some reflexology.
For additional classes follow Tenino Massage, Reflexology & Essential Oil Therapy on
Tianne Curtiss Life Coach, LMT, CR #MA00013133, CR60394405 NCBTMB approved provider #1444

For Questions please call 360-264-5754

Classes are held in the Tenino unless otherwise noted.
Classes are small and fill up quickly so register early.
Once your payment is processed you are considered registered.
Checks need to be made out to:

Tenino Massage
If you are paying by check please mail to:
P.O. Box 294
Tenino, WA 98589
Please use the note line of the check to write the name and date of the class you are paying for.   

Tap it Out (Emotional Freedom Technique)

4CE’s $45
October 14, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
NCBTMB approved 4 hours 
EFT is a technique combining tapping meridians and modern psychology. From pain relief, to limiting financial beliefs, or fears and phobias, tapping is a powerful, well researched, easy to learn and apply technique. Your body is more powerful than you can imagine… filled with life, energy, and a compelling ability for self-healing. With tapping, you take control of that power. I’ll explain how EFT works and why it is so effective, plus share a few different ways to tap it out.

Tianne Curtiss, Life Coach, LMT, CR #MA00013133, RF60394405
Questions please call

April 15, 2018 Tenino, WA

September 14, 2018

EFT- 4 hours

Essential Oils 101- 4 hours

AMTA-WA Chapter Educational Conference, Ocean Shores (must register for this class with amta-wa

at www.amta-wa.org)

Essential Oils for Health

24 CE

All of your required CE in one place, including ethics!!!

2019 Dates TBD

Gain the knowledge, confidence and skills that will enable you to use aromatherapy in your practice and guide clients to utilizing plant based medicine. Learn how powerful plants can be in support of our health.

 6-9pm  Monday Evenings for 2 months, all your CEs including Ethics in one place.    

In 2015 the global essential oil market exceeded $6 billion and it is forecasted to hit $20 billion by 2020. The increasing popularity and rising demand has turned essential oils into the newest, latest and greatest health trend. 

Ironically essential oils are not new at all. They have been on earth since the third day of creation, coincidence ? I don’t think so. 
Until recently essential oils have been forgotten or passed off as only folk medicine. As more people notice that Western medicine, with it’s prescription  based answers, is not helping us, they are looking for more natural solutions. This is where you, having knowledge and training, can have an impact on your clients lives. Even if it’s nothing more than knowing which oil is best suited to the client on your table, this class will give you the confidence to successfully aid in your clients growth, health and overall wellness, body, mind and emotions.
Did you know people who use essential oils on a daily basis recover from illness, colds, coughs, flus, 70% faster than people who do not use essential oils. 

360-264-5754  •  148 S Howard/P.O.Box 294  Tenino, wa 98589    

How to Earn Your Class for as little as $10.00

Sponsor a class

That's Right! You can organize a class for your town, area, clinic or network of  massage therapists in Washington state.  If you have a location and can gather a class of 8-10 students you can earn your Continuing Education Credits for $10.00

(I can’t offer "free" because we are required to pay for CE in WA State ) 

I am open to travel out of state, call to discuss details.

Classes are NCBTMB Approved

Tenino Massage
Reflexology & Essential Oil Therapy

200 Hour Reflexology Apprentice Course. This class is for 3 individuals who want to expand their knowledge of reflexology. The class meets requirements to sit for the ARCB exam to be a Certified Reflexologist in Washington State and states where ARCB is the standard for reflexology practice. Meets for 130 hours in class ( 70 hours of out of class practice and homework required). Class begins January 2019 We meet the second weekend of the month. Call for more information 360-480-6870 not required to be an LMT to attend. $3500 payment plan available. Add’l fee for ARCB state test

Kansa Wand Massage 

 October 28th 2018
Ancient healers knew that there were subtle unseen energies running through and around the body. Before the Chinese discovered a meridian network, Ayurveda was using energy points of the body for health. The metals of the Kansa affects these unseen networks of electro-magnetic energy. Class includes Kansa Wand.

NCBTMB approved 

 8 CE, hands on $225 to register call